Thomas Damgaard

Founder of Adora.

Blog - weekly tech tips

I recently started a blog. It is mostly about technical tips and tricks. My blogroll lists blogs I like to read.


I have a list of tools I like to use.

Need my help?

If you need my assistance, you may be able to hire me through one of the following sites:

PostgreSQL expertise and support

I have been using PostgreSQL extensively since 1999 and I provide my expertise through PG Support - PostgreSQL professional services.

Debian Linux Support

I have been using Debian GNU/Linux as my primary operating system since 1997. I offer my expertise via - Debian Linux Professional Services & Support (og dansk Linux-support via

SAS - Analytics & Data Architecture

At SAS, I am a trusted advisor on topics such as cloud and data strategy as well as analytics architectures.

General Consultancy

For other professional services such as information and network security, software development, and general web technology, I offer my services via Adora - Security - Software Development - Web Technology