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: Indsigtsfuld kommentar om ophavsret

2008-08-08 06:10 af Thomas Damgaard Nielsen -

Slashdot læste jeg forleden tråden EU Proposes Retroactive Copyright Extension. Den handler om et EU-lovforslag der vil forlænge copyright med 45 år. I diskussionen af nyheden fandt jeg nedenstående indsigtsfulde kommentar om ophavsret.

If you create something, you have a choice whether to show somebody else. You have the choice to distribute it, or not to distribute it.

Once you give a copy to somebody else, then, for all intents and purposes, you no longer have any control over it.

Copyright gives you an artificial limited monopoly over distribution – nothing more – simply because this encourages persons to create and distribute works. Once works have been distributed, copyright has done its work. It is then a liability to society.

Copyright’s purpose is to increase the amount of works in the public domain. Anything that reduces the flow of works to the public domain (like copyright extensions) is against the purpose of copyright.

(With regard to software – for any protection under copyright, I believe that the source code for the work should have to be released. Otherwise, copyright makes no sense, as the works have very limited use when they hit the public domain.)


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