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Welcome to my personal home page.


Contact information

I can be reached via e-mail on spam at thomasdamgaard dot dk.

Current projects

Projects I am currently engaged in.


paste.yt Lightweight pastebin

iFile - Nem fildeling

iFile.dk er et værktøj der gør det nemt at sende (store) filer over nettet.

Old projects


MetaConfig is an open source configuration management and automation system. MetaConfig will allow you to define a configuration of one or more machines and then automate the deployment of the desired configuration. MetaConfig can also be used to continously enforce compliance with a defined system configuration.


MetaCloud is a private cloud platform that integrates with the MetaConfig configuration management system. MetaCloud automates creation, migration and provisioning of virtual machines in a private cloud environment. We have developed algorithms for efficient allocation of virtual resources (RAM, CPU, etc.) on physical hardware.


Spye (formerly Sikkerhed.org PYthon Engine) is a free plug-in based Python framework for rapid application development.

FFmpeg video preset benchmark

When I had to encode a bunch of videos for my photo/video archive, I decided to use the H.264 (x264) codec and the matroska (mkv) container format. ffmpeg seemed like the best tool for encoding. When using libx264 with ffmpeg, a video preset (-vpre) is required. In order to find the best suitable video preset for my use case, I decided to do some testing. ffmpeg comes with a few pre-defined video presets. In these tests, I have encoded the same video with each of the pre-defined video presets.

FFmpeg video preset benchmark


ip.adora.dk will tell you the IP address you are currently using to reach this site. This can be handy if you are on a LAN or behind a proxy.

Week number

uge.adora.dk will give you the current week number.


Handy web page to paste small snippets of code, error messages, etc. Pastebin makes it easy to link to a code snippet from a web forum or e-mail.

More information on paste.adora.dk.

BMI Calculator

/bmi will calculate your BMI.

Windows Uptime

Windows Uptime Very small program to show uptime on Microsoft Windows systems. The program is free and source code is public domain.

More information on /uptime.